This newsletter calls us to reflection: In each issue, we share our personal reflections on matters of faith and spirit.
Our theme will be the ways God's mystery and grace are reflected
in the world: in nature, in a work of art, in a child's face, in memories or in recent headlines. For more about our vision, click here, or simply sample some of our past issues.

Links to Past Issues

Issue 294 - Welcoming Gifts
Issue 293 - Our Earth
Holy Week 4
Holy Week 3
Holy Week 2
Holy Week 1
Issue 288 - Technological Wonders
Issue 287 - Lent
Issue 286 - Transformation
Issue 285 - Being Caught
Issue 284 - Good Zeal
Issue 283 - A Wondrous Christmas
Issue 282 - Light in the Darkness
Issue 281 - Waiting and Silence
Issue 280 - Holy Land
Issue 279 - Dia de los Muertos
Issue 278 - Open Season
Issue 277 - Unexpected Pilgrimage
Issue 276 - Where Is Hope?


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