Issues 176-200

Issue 200 - Celebrating Soul Windows 
  Reflecting on 200 issues of "Reflections"
Issue 199 - Encouraging Beauty 
  On art and creativity
Issue 198 - Vincent van Gogh 
  What we learned from an exhibit in Houston
Issue 197 - Jean Vanier
  After learning of his death
Issue 196 - Notre Dame de Paris 
  The flames that horrified the world
Issue 195 - Holy Week
  Finding God in pain and struggle
Issue 194 - Infrastructure
  Celebrating all who toil behind the scenes
Issue 193 - Lent: Polarities in Practice
  Body/soul and giving up/adding to
Issue 192 - Feline Friends 
  The cats that share our lives
Issue 191 - Guatemala
  A life-changing trip with Unbound
Issue 190 - Music of Arvo Pärt
  Wondrous sacred music
Issue 189 - Merry Christmas
Issue 188 - Memorable Messages
  From Jean Vanier and Mark Shields
Issue 187 - Football and Family
  How we are shaped by everyday rituals
Issue 186 - Affirming the Holy
  ... living in the mode of praise, even after tragedy 
Issue 185 - The Rule We Follow 
  On being Benedictine Oblates
Issue 184 - Telling Stories
  "God put us here to tell stories"
Issue 183 - Chihuly Glass
  The spectacular art of Dale Chihuly
Issue 182 - Fruitful Journey 
  Our trip to the Pacific Northwest
Issue 181 - Clergy Abuse 
  Weeping, praying, working for change
Issue 180 - To Count our Days
  ... on making our days count
Issue 179 - Summer Heat
  Learning, while sweating, in Texas
Issue 178 - Cajun Country
  Feasting on food and art in Lafayette, LA
Issue 177 - Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
  Gentle, kind, and caring
Issue 176 - RBG
  Honoring Justice Ginsburg

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